Globeathon 2014


Globeathon 2014: The walk to end women’s cancers

The Globeathon to End Women’s Cancer is expanding and will be held in September 2014 all over the globe. Globeathon is an effort to expand public outreach and advocacy associated with gynecologic cancer on an international scale. Numerous scientific and medical leaders from around the globe have voiced their sweeping enthusiasm for an event that will demonstrate international solidarity and commitment to raising public awareness about gynecologic cancers. In areas of the world where the incidence and mortality rates are the highest, there are few organized public awareness events aimed at education around screening and prevention of gynecologic cancers. In other developed countries, this event would provide multiple advocacy groups with an opportunity for greater collaboration and partnership.

NSGO endorse this event and strongly suggest its members to participate.

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Click HERE to see program for Copenhagen 14 September
Click HERE to see program for Reykjavik 14 September
Click HERE to see program for Stockholm 21 September. For further information click HERE.

Annual Meeting in Iceland

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